Things to bring when boarding

All dogs must be restrained on a leash when arriving

at the resort.


All dogs must have a current vaccine certificate from their veterinarian upon

arrival. Vaccinations include minimum DHPP, rabies.


We recommend your pet gets his own food while staying at the resort. Abrupt

If your pet is on a raw diet we will be supplying his food. Please don’t bring yours. We sell the raw for $2.25/lbs

changes to your pets regular diet can cause stomach upset leading to

diarrhea and/or vomiting. The best way to avoid this is to bring all their own

food and treats that they are used to having regularly. We do have a

refrigerator, freezer and a microwave for special requirements.


We are happy to give any medication that your pet requires while staying at

the resort. Please bring all medicine in original veterinary containers

with name of medication and proper dosing instructions clearly marked.

Health Issues

Please advise us of any medical conditions (no matter how big or small) your

pet has currently or has had previously.

Behavior Problems

It is extremely important for you to advise us of any behavior problems your

pet may have. Although you may be reluctant to mention it, it is very important

for us to know about any aggression towards people, food, or other pets as

well as any separation anxiety issues.

Emergency Information

It is important for you to leave contact information for someone other than

your veterinarian that can make medical decisions for you.

Please make sure this person is aware that they are our contact and that they

know what you would want done. A medical problem can arise at any time.

Bedding and Toys

Its always nice for your pet to have a few comforts from home. These include

a bed or blanket and a few of his toys or chew bones, but if they dont have

any that’s okay too we will provide some from the resort.

New Clients

If you would like to make the check-in process quicker, you can print the client

information forms below, fill them out ahead of time and bring them with the

vaccine certificates when you arrive.